About Me

I love good food and enjoy cooking for family and friends.

I believe that good food must shared with others in order be truly enjoyable. We need food for the stomach and food for the soul.

I grew up in Singapore, where eating is somewhat of a national obsession. I now live in the US so when my cravings strike (which is often!), I try to recreate my comfort foods from Singapore and from my mom's kitchen. Thank God for Prima Taste whenever I need a good laksa fix!

My cooking reflects not just my Chinese heritage but a fusion of spicy Malay influence which is part of my Peranakan heritage. I'm a terrible baker, by the way, but I'm trying to be better about following baking recipes precisely.

I'm also a working mom who's looking to survive most weekday meals, so you'll find me trying many 30-minute, and crockpot meal recipes. I'm no purist, and have been known to take short-cuts where possible as long as I can produce flavorful meals in the easiest possible way.

Welcome to my kitchen ... where no one leaves hungry!

Enjoy and bon appetit!

The Hungry Cook